eResearch workshop: online distributed collaboration vs. Grid infrastructures

As part of the CSCW conference in Limerick (Ireland) a number of persons from the UK e-Social Science program organized a workshop on “eResearch from a CSCW perspective“. Different attendance from UK, Germany, US and me, involved in either of two communities:
* the Grid community involve in high performance computing or in virtual reality environments, which is totally a technical one,
*and the CSCW community which investigates how researchers works by etnographic methods, and proposes tools and social mechanisms to improved their work.

As conclusions of the workshop, both communities can give something to each other. The Grid community needs the CSCW to evaluate their system with a usability and usefulness objective; whereas the CSCW community proposes the Grid can become the infrastructure to diseminate collaboration services.
Some problems were detected: it seems that researchers might not be interested in somebody observing their work practices and telling them how to do it better; also care must be taken not to produced unncessesary tools, sometimes scientist do not need productivity tools, but exploration tools.
A quick note to the proposal of Kari Kuuti from finland, that thinks the EU should have a permanent collaboratory for european proyects consortium, so that they do not need to setup a new project workspace for each new proyect.


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